Diesel Performance

Is your diesel not quite blowing your hair back?

At Active we have the knowledge and products to awaken the potential within your sleeping beauty

For electronically controlled vehicles (Diesel and Petrol) we are proud to be licensed Unichip dealers. Our journey to the Unichip product was a long one with a least half a dozen different brands of ‘chips’ and ‘modules’ being used and abused along the way.

We find the Unichip product extremely versatile with exceptional build quality which is often overlooked when installing products of this type, bear in mind that regardless of their actual function as a product most performance modules or ‘chips’ are installed underbonnet, they are therefore subject to enviromental conditions, dust, water, heat, etc. As such it is critical that these are vibration, dust and moisture resistant for a long and trouble free life.

We can also increase performance in older mechanically injected vehicles, both with and without forced induction (turbo or supercharged).

If anyone is going to modify your beloved (vehicle that is) you want them to have some runs on the board, right?

How about #79 4.5 V8TD Landcruiser with more than double the factory horsepower?

Yes that is correct, currently 228KW at the rear wheels from one of our long term customer vehicles, all modifications performed in house. This vehicle gets used commercially (see photo below) and has had at least 180RWKW or greater for approx 60000km, well tuned? We think so!

How about a D4D Hilux? This vehicle came to us with 96RWKW, currently pushing 160KW at the rear wheels.

A bit different to drive? YOU BET!

Our recent tuning history includes: Landcruiser (60, 80 100 & 200), Triton, BT50, Patrol, Hilux, Iveco, Prado, Ranger (PJ, PK & PX) and Hiace to name a few….

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